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Digitally Released March 19, 2024

Digitally Released March 8, 2024

In March 2024 Patrick & Leanne have released their second single, “A Place of Love”. It’s a positive, uplifting message for the whole world to hear. Add it to your playlist to brighten your day!”

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Grab your sunhats and lemonade because Patrick & Leanne’s debut single “Poem in Three (Make Me Your Love Song)” is like a warm, breezy afternoon in the heart of summer, full of wholesome good vibes and a refreshing, natural sound.”

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Leanne’s vocal delivery is amazing – there’s a magic to her voice, a warmth and emotion that’s just perfect for the song’s lyrics. It’s like she’s pouring her soul into every word she sings, and it’s something you can feel right down to your bones.”

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Folsom Prison Blues Cover

Patrick & Leanne Duo

Patrick and Leanne perform as a dynamic duo of keyboards, guitar and vocals performing covers and original music. Perfect for venues large and small.

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